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Yet another service I provide is memorial videos for loved ones. Every video is carefully crafted by working closely with the family to get a sense of what type of vibe the video should portray. My services are unique in the sense that my skills are very well rounded from planning to post productiong. For example, I will often remix songs to make them the right length, I restore photos and video, I sync the transitions to the music, and I use special effects and sound effects to create more emotion/storytelling. As with all my work, if the client is not happy, they don’t pay. My work is what you’d call a “premium” product. I work extremely fast, and the end product is extremely polished, but I do charge accordingly. I will create “stand by” videos (like this one) to be played in the background, and I will usually insist on being the sound engineer during the event so I can control the mixing board. This allows me to ensure the event runs smoothly, and that there are no awkward silences.

Here are a few examples of work I’ve completed for friends and family. They have graciously allowed me to share these publicly with you. I have several more videos if you would like to see more of this kind of work!

Elizabeth Smith
In this example, I digitized 8mm films, restored the footage, edited and selected the best clips, and color-corrected all the media to have the same feel. I recorded and interviewed Liz months before her passing and then used the audio in the memorial video to create a very powerful moment.

Hunter Palmer
In this example, I edited two of the songs to be shorter to match the feel of the photos. Because Hunter died so young, we decided to not use any uplifting songs – I will usually push to include funny music and videos for laughs / smiles but the video felt more genuine without those moments. I also lifted footage off of social media, and gathered photos from friends and family from all over the US.

Bob Torres
This is Bob Torres, my wife’s grandfather. I used several uplifting songs and synced a lot of the transitions to match the rhythms of the music.

Bob Smith
This was the first memorial video I made, for my grandfather Bob Smith. I was able to restore an audio cassette recording on my grandpa preaching at his church and I recorded my cousin in my music studio for a guitar solo.

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