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FlashVenom is proud to introduce our newest service –

Every video is carefully crafted by working closely with the family to get a sense of what type of vibe the video should portray. The services are unique in the sense that our skills are very well rounded from planning to post production. For example, we will often remix songs to make them the right length, we restore photos and video, we sync the transitions to the music, and we use special effects and sound effects to create more emotion/storytelling. As with all of FlashVenom’s work, if the client is not happy, they don’t pay. We can even create “stand by” videos (like this one) to be played in the background.

We are proud to announce the completion of our 50th memorial video. Thank you to everyone who has placed their trust in us to create a keepsake for your loved one. We have made so many loving connections and shared intimate moments with our clients. It’s truly a humbling experience being in this business. Since we first launched our site, we have created videos as vibrant and diverse as the people on Earth. A middle aged Jewish man, a 92 year old Buddhist grandmother, a police officer, a navy seal, several bright and innocent youth who left Earth too early, and many many amazing grandmothers and grandfathers.

Please visit our new website for examples, pricing, and more information!


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