New Websites for 2021-2022



A top 3% website with over 22 million pageviews per year. I am responsible for the server infrastructure, firewall/DNS/domain/SSL implementation, graphics, video, special effects, graphics, and of course the website itself. A staff of over 15 helps keep the content fresh, run annual film and hero festivals, and trains teachers on how to integrate heroism into their curriculum. It’s an awesome project, please check it out and support them!



With a tiny budget, I was able to create a professional branding and website package, jump starting this Hollywood-based film investment promotion company.



My family’s insurance business website. Growing rapidly and CMS based on a open-source project called Pirhana CMS. Built to be SEO friendly, and custom designed from the ground up to give the user a informative feel. I also administer the IT/network for the business.



A popular liquor store in Hollywood which needed branding and a simple website. Because the previous website was targeted/hacked, he requested that the entire website be static, so it was made with good old fashioned html!



This website serves as a proof-of-concept and if a fully functioning horse racing handicap tool that is all visually based. Contact me and I will give you the keys for a demo so you can see and use the interface.



A simple cookie cutter website made with SquareSpace for a business that is a fast-growing electronics / HVAC company. With plans to expand the functionality of the site, it was built with that in mind.



Another cookie-cutter website made with SquareSpace for a PTA. I administer the site and regularly run reports on sales, maintain the homepage, and create and edit products, donations, and news.



Again another SquareSpace site. This was build for free for a children’s home in Uganda that Flash Venom supports. Please consider visiting and donating to them, they are a great group of people!



A very database heavy site, this company produces an sells thousands of products, many of which are near-identical if not for size differences meased in mm. With very intricate data table and model design, dynamically-built forms and pushing ASP’s MVC platform to it’s limits was the name of the game for this site. A custom “wizard” helps customers pick the right products, and a very advanced back-end was created for handling sales and database functionality.

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