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Metro Insurance Services is a family owned commercial insurance company that my father Tom Smith founded 20 years ago.

When I was 12, my dad let me design the first logo, and I’ve been building on that original project ever since.

metroMetro’s new website was built to bring us current with the web trends of 2021 – mobile focused, information-based, and simple UI. When you first visit the site, you are greeted with a full width video of Metro’s headquarters in Tustin, California. The homepage brings a mix of an “elevator pitch”, top links, and recently added news and resources. The site is built on a dotnetcore open-source project called Pirhana CMS which is developed by an amazingly suppotive team of developers. I would highly recommend it. Both Pirhana and our site are still very much in it’s infancy.
m3The client and sales management software has recently announced that they are providing an API which means our clients will have more access than ever to their data with us. Currently, there are two “customer portals” that Metro allows it’s patrons to access. One for accessing policy documents like certificates and declarations pages, requesting certificates and seeing the list of drivers on a commercial auto policy. The other portal is Zywave’s amazing library of customized industry resources. Soon, along with the API for our management software, these portal will be combined to create a one-stop shop for all of our clients needs.

m2In the past, Metro was one of the first independent brokers to provide on-the-spot quotations for work comp and general liability. Using Flash technology and publicly available rating information, we could provide customers with a rough guesstimate of the cost of the policy as they proceeding through the application. Of course, in today’s commercial insurance world, things are much more complicated. But the industry is changing again, and Metro has been monitoring these changes and in 2024, wholesale carriers will be more connected than ever with independent brokers, making automation and DIY programs much more possible.

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Information pages for specific lines of coverage give you articles about how commercial insurance coverages work, and frequently used forms and documents.

As we build our library of articles, news and insurance information pages, we would love to have you stop by the site and give us your feedback. Metro’s motto is “We’re here for you – let’s get to work.” and the evolution of the Metro website is an example of this mission.

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