Custom built LED Snowboard + Music Video

Check out this DIY electronics project I made using the ESP32 microcontroller. Video is a bleeding-edge mix of snowboarding, 300+ LED lights, drone shots, Adobe After Effects plugins, house music and AI-generated bullet time slow motion.

After a 15 year hiatus, I’ve just been having fun finding my groove and getting back into the sport. My friend Jacob in the last video gave me his $20 thrift shop snowboard and told me to do whatever I wanted with it. While planning my third visit to Mt. High this season, I was tinkering with some of my Raspberry Pi and ESP32s and had the idea to take LED strips and attach them to a snowboard. I didn’t even know there were kits and instructions out there. I probably should have watched and read the many tutorials online but since I know my way around a WS8218B strip I just gathered up as much glue as I could find and went to town. The process was super simple and the result came out way better than expected. I used an entire bottle of Clear Gorrila Glue for Plastics and it doesn’t show any sign of coming off anytime soon. I probably wouldn’t trust just putting the strips on with the seal tape, but I bet that way you have a chance of removing the LEDs later which I won’t be able to do. This is my second project using the Insta360 X3. Video created with Adobe Creative Suite / After Effects with Boris Continuum FX and Saphire plugins. I used SpeedX from aescripts for the AI slow motion sequences. It handled the snow really well and even adds a bit of stabalization. If you have any comments, questions or ideas for our next video leave a comment below!

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